Appleton® A-51™ AAGL-1A Light Fixture Globe, 60 to 300 W Incandescent Lamp, For Use With Threaded Metal Conduit, Glass

Light Fixture Globes
700821 MFG #: AAGL1A
298.03000 / ea
Appleton® A-51™ Light Fixture Globe, For Use With: Threaded Metal Conduit, Incandescent Lamp, 60 to 300 W Lamp, Glass, Amber
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For A-51 Series Incandescent Factory Sealed Luminaires
Safe, easy servicing or relamping without disconnecting any wiring; All joints are flame-tight; Globes in A-51 fixtures are explosionproof and heat- and impact-resistant glass; Prismatic configuration on globe interior provides light control while allowing smooth exterior surface for cleaning; A-51 fixture guards to protect globe are of rugged copperfree aluminum construction and double epoxy coated; Easily mount to globe ring with 3 screws; Ideal for use in chemical and petrochemical plants and in other heavy process areas where ignitable vapors, dust, moisture and corrosive atmospheres may be present; Suitable for use in wet locations; For use with threaded metal conduit