McKissick® 2021154 M-491S Derrick Hoist Block, 3/4 in, 12 ton Load, 14 in OD

Blocks or Pulleys
PDW~10001172 MFG #: 2021154
3044.00000 / ea
  • Bearings: Sealed Tapered Roller
  • Catalog Number: 2021154
  • Gross Weight Per Pack: 1 lb
  • Series: M-491S
  • Sheave Material: Roll Forged
  • Standards: API RP54, OSHA Directive CPL 2-1.36, API Q1, ABS 2006 Steel Vessel Rules 1-1-17.7
  • Type: Derrick
  • Stock Status: NONSTOCK
  • Brand: Crosby®
  • Manufacturer: Crosby Group LLC
  • Load Capacity: 12 ton
  • Maximum Cable Size: 3/4 in
  • Sheave Outside Diameter: 14 in
McKissick® Hoist Block, Derrick, Series: M-491S, 3/4 in Maximum Cable, 12 ton, 14 in Sheave Outside Dia, Sealed Tapered Roller Bearing, Roll Forged Sheave
  • Features
Forged steel swivels, tees, yokes and shackles are quenched and tempered
Sheave lubrication through center pin for easy maintenance
Recessed side plate design reduces the gap between the sheave rim and the side plate, allowing the sheave assembly to be captured in the block if loss of center pin occurs
Sealed tapered roller bearings extend the life of the center pin and bearings and allows for faster line speeds than recommended with standard snatch blocks
Shackle fitting swivels for easy positioning
Suitable for hoisting personnel, contingent upon all employees, including the winch operator, being trained to follow applicable federal, local and industry standards
All blocks 14 in and larger are furnished with McKissick® roll forged sheaves with flame hardened grooves