Weidmuller 9025740000 Type H0.25/10 Wire End Ferrule With Plastic Collar, 24 AWG, Insulated Insulation

Terminal Block Wire Ferrules
760017 MFG #: 9025740000
8.80000 / ea
Wire end ferrules ensure the long-term quality of electrical connections. Another advantage is their usefulness during installation. The wide range of products embraces wire end ferrules with or without plastic collars and twin wire end ferrules in all the colors normally required by users.
  • Features
Polypropylene conical entry funnel
Heat-resistant up to 105 deg C
The entry funnel can also be manufactured from a non-flammable material on request
Dimensional tolerances to DIN 46228 Part 4
0.15 mm metal sleeve thickness
0.25 mm plastic collar thickness
0.25 sq-mm conductor cross-section
0.8 mm contact surface diameter
1.8 mm collar diameter
8 mm stripping length