Square D™ 8910DPA33V02 8910DPA Electro-Mechanical Definite Purpose Contactor, 110/120 VAC Coil, 30 A Max Load, 3NO, 3 Poles

Definite Purpose Contactors AC
31963 MFG #: 8910DPA33V02
Square D™
152.23000 / ea
Square D 8910DPA33V02 CONTACTOR 600VAC 30AMP DPA +OPTIONS,110 V AC 50 Hz-120 V AC 60 Hz,3 NO,3-Phase,3P,DPA,Definite Purpose Contactor,Ideal for heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, data processing and food service equipment.,Panel,Quick Connect/Binder Head Screw,UL Recognized - CSA Certified - CE Marked
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Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Data Processing and Food Service Equipment Applications
Quick connect terminals and binder head screws allow for easy wiring
An exclusive DIN track mounting option may reduce installation costs
Coils can be changed quickly, without a tool, on the type DPA, 50 - 90 A contactors
Auxiliary contact modules snap-on either side of the type DPA contactors
Box lugs are standard on contactors 40 A and larger
2-2 HP 115 V AC, 1 PHASE-5-5 HP 230 V AC, 1 PHASE-10-10 HP 230 V AC, 3 PHASE-15-15 HP 460 V AC, 3 PHASE-20-20 HP 575 V AC, 3 PHASE