Meltric Decontactor™ 89-94043 DB Grounding Switch Rated Female Receptacle With Angle Adapter, 480 VAC, 100 A, 3 Poles

Pin & Sleeve Receptacles
180356 MFG #: 89-94043
2065.67000 / ea
DB's are the most rugged and highest horsepower rated plugs and receptacles in the Decontactor™TM Series product family. They are specifically designed for use on motors and other inductive loads. With their unique internal spring operating mechanism, two stage contact system, arc splitting feature and silver-nickel butt contacts, DB's can easily handle high horsepower inductive loads up to 60 hp.
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Features: Switch Ratings (AC): Branch Circuit & Motor Circuit Disconnect Switching; Short Circuit Rating: 100 KAMP Close & Withstand Testing Was Performed With 250 AMP RK1 Fuses, So The 100 KAMP Rating Applies Up To 40 Hp At 480 V; Wiring Capacity: Min 1/0+ AWG Max 2/0 AWG Aux Contacts - Max 14 AWG Smaller Conductors Can Be Retained In The Terminal, But May Result In A Temperature Rise Greater Than The 30 DEG Max Allowed In UL & CSA Standards; Listings: UL, CSA, IEC, CE, Contact Customer Service; Horsepower Ratings: 60 HP At 3 PH, 480 V; Polarity: 3P+G