Littelfuse® L60030C-3C POWR-GARD® L600 Fuse Block, 600 VAC/VDC, 30 A, 14 to 6 AWG Wire, 3 Poles

Power Fuse Blocks
8947 MFG #: L60030C-3C
92.57000 / ea
The Littelfuse Class CC, CD and midget blocks offer generous space savings and enhanced value. DIN rail mounting and universal mounting holes are available as well as an indication feature on all Class CD fuse blocks.
  • Features
DIN Rail Mounting
Space saving design
Universal mounting holes for easy replacement
Indication offered on CD blocks
Rejection feature that prevents the insertion of fuses with lower interrupting rating or voltage ratings
Clip design reduces resistance and heat
1200 VAC minimum dielectric strength
Covers available for all amperages to enhance safety
Copper box lug
Zinc plated steel screw and captive pressure plate
Tin plated copper alloy clip/terminals
Lead (Pb) free
4 N-m torque rating
Pressure plate with quick connect terminal
Cu solid/stranded wire
One hand release from DIN rail optional
Cu solid/stranded wire