Leviton® ODC04-IDW Line Voltage Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensors, 120/230/277 VAC, Passive Infrared Sensor, 360 deg

Occupant Sensor
750666 MFG #: ODC04-IDW
67.52000 / ea
The Leviton Provolt series combines line voltage occupancy sensors and photocells into a self contained unit. The integrated design alleviates the need for separate power pack and occupancy sensor wiring making it a low cost, efficient energy solution for new construction and retrofits. For true daylight harvesting applications, integrated photocells provide consistent daylight design levels by actively switching the connected load(s) ON and off in response to available natural light to maximize energy savings. Vacancy timers continually analyze and adjust to changing conditions using the latest microprocessor based technology to optimize performance. Auto-on/autoOFF automatically turns lights-on and keeps them ON when occupancy is detected and automatically turns lights off when the space is vacant or unoccupied. Wire terminals allow for simple connection to a line voltage circuit and are ideal for existing buildings with limited access to wiring and new construction.
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Commercial Applications
Uses industry exclusive digital (4 element) PIR circuitry for fewer false triggers from unwanted sources such as HVAC systems
A fresnel lens establishes dozens of detection zones requiring the heat source to move from one zone to another to trigger the sensor
Auto-adapting time delay and sensitivity are continually adjusted to occupancy pattern of use
Industry exclusive self-configuring local manual switch input, momentary or maintained switches are supported
Industry exclusive "fail safe" circuitry in the event of product failure, return to closed feature causes the relay to default ON which eliminates life safety concerns
Presentation mode allows user to turn lights OFF and keep them OFF while the room is occupied
Test mode for simplified commissioning
Manual switch and emergency override are class 1 and 2 circuits, class 2 circuits provided for flexibility
Robust and reliable mechanically held 10 A latching relay provides dependability and robust performance for all load types and provides energy savings over electronically held relays
Lenses are easily replaceable and color coded blue (high density) and red (mid range) for contractors and end users to easily identify lenses from the ground
Red visual LED indicator blinks when infrared is detecting motion and during photocell manual calibration, solid during device malfunction
Yellow visual LED indicator blinks during test mode, solid with emergency/BMS input
Blue visual LED indicator blinking light indicates photocell override
Configurable for manual ON/automatic OFF or automatic ON/automatic OFF
Adjustable time delay
0 - 95% relative humidity
High-density lens installed
Mid-range lens included
Electronic ballast lamp type
High-impact plastic material1/4 hp at 120 VAC, 1/3 hp at 230 VAC, 1/3 hp at 277 VAC power rating
Configurable for Manual ON/Auto OFF or Auto ON/Auto OFF, Adjustable Time Delay, 5-Year Limited Warranty