Leviton® MZD22-102 Dimming Daylighting Control System, 120/277 VAC, 20 A

Lighting Control Systems
817384 MFG #: MZD22-102
325.12000 / ea
The dual room miniZ™ Controller allows two individual rooms to be independently controlled (single zone for each room) and offers the same performance features as the popular miniZ™ Controller with a compact, versatile, cost-effective, code-compliant approach to daylight harvesting.
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Lighting Control Applications
Two individual room control (single zone for each room) combining separate daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors and switching in one compact box
Ladder less Commissioning™ provides install-and-forget convenience
Autocal™ (patent pending) automatic photocell calibration
Automatic closed loop setting (one zone per room) daylight control
Automatic Correction setting for light loss factor (LLF) recognizes and corrects for Lumens maintenance Issues
Simplified daylight harvesting with 3% to 100% dimming capabilities (0 to 10 V fluorescent dimming ballasts required)
Automatic daylight Harvest mode provides optimum lighting output for additional energy savings potential
Convenient two occupancy sensor and two photocell integration
Daylight switching, full range 0 to 10 V dimming and network models available
Cost effective energy code compliance
Simplified integration with emergency and building automation systems
Accepts external time clock inputs
Closed loop or open loop daylight control
Isolated contacts for HVAC relay
Two Individual Room Control (Single Zone for Each Room) Combining Separate Daylight Harvesting, Occupancy Sensors, and Switching in One Compact Box, Ladderless Commissioning Provides in stall-And- forget Convenience, Autocal Setting Automatic Photocell