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Schools, Residential, Industrial, Sports Fields, Commercial, Agricultural, Signage
Features: 3 Patented Inserts For GFCI, Duplex, Toggle or Round Receptacles, Heavy-Duty Polycarbonate Construction, Clear Cover on Most Models, Pre-adhered Gasket, Meets Requirements For Cold Impact Testing -60øF (-51øC)
Clear cover on most models
1/8 in THK gasket with slits for mounting screws
Three Patented inserts for GFCI, duplex, toggle or round receptacles that allow each model to meet multiple installations
Meets requirements for cold impact testing (-60 deg F)
Pre-adhered gasket
Easy to install
Hidden hinges and lockable hasp
0.97 in exit portal length
Horizontal/vertical mounting
Neoprene gasket
Heavy Duty construction