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Schools, Residential, Industrial, Sports Fields, Commercial, Agricultural, Signage
Features: 3 Patented Inserts For GFCI, Duplex, Toggle or Round Receptacles, Heavy-Duty Polycarbonate Construction, Clear Cover on Most Models, Pre-adhered Gasket, Meets Requirements For Cold Impact Testing -60øF (-51øC)
UV stabilized polycarbonate
Toggle or round receptacles
Meets requirements for cold impact testing (-60 deg F)
1/8 in THK gasket with slits for mounting screws
Three Patented inserts for GFCI, duplex, toggle or round receptacles that allow each model to meet multiple installations
Pre-adhered gasket
Clear cover on most models
Pre-adhered gasket
(2) 14 or (1) 12 maximum cord gauge
Horizontal/vertical mounting
Neoprene gasket
Heavy Duty construction