Decora® Plus 5380-W Duplex Straight Blade Surge Protective Receptacle, 20 A, 125 VAC, 2 Poles, 5 kA SCCR

Straight Blade Surge Suppressions
71924 MFG #: 5380-W
56.77000 / ea
Leviton's Surge Protection Devices can be used individually or as part of a coordinated application strategy, to protect sensitive electronic equipment, in industrial, commercial and residential locations, from the stress and degradation inflicted by voltage transients. Leviton Surge Protection Devices are compliant with UL 1449 Standards. Leviton's outstanding Surge Protection Devices divert damaging voltage transients, or surges, away from electronic equipment. Transients are diverted away from sensitive micro circuitry, providing protection against catastrophic failure, costly downtime and data disruptions.
  • Applications
  • Features
Tamper resistant versions have a shutter mechanism that prevents incidental contact with energized contacts
Indicator light provides visual indication that equipment is being protected
EMI/RFI noise filtering
Wide variety of color options aid in identifying different types of equipment or applications
Back and side wired design with durable metal mounting strap
Point of use protection for up to 18000 A of surge current total
L-N/L-G modes of protection
720 J energy rating
27 kA peak surge current
27 kA (L-N: 18 kA, L-G: 9 kA) maximum surge current, per mode (per phase)
Nylon face
Brass-plated steel terminal screws
Tamper resistant
Type 3