Banner Engineering MQDC-430 Euro Style Unshielded Quick Disconnect Cable, 250 VAC/VDC, (4) 22 AWG High Flexible Stranded Conductors, 9 m L

Instrumentation Cable - Quick Disconnect
47468 MFG #: MQDC430
40.00000 / ea
Banner Engineering Quick Disconnect Cable
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For Q12, M12, QS18, Q20, OMNI-BEAM (QDH Suffix), Q45 DC Sensors (Q5 Suffix), MINI-BEAM DC SM312 Sensors, S18, M18, T18, Q25, S30, T30, Q40, TM18/TM18 Expert, QM42/QMT42, QL50/QL51, SLM, R58A, T18U, T30UX, TL50/TL30F, K50, K80 deg C, PVA, VTB , STB With Solid-State Relay, EZ-LIGHT, WL50 and WLS28
Polyurethane connector, nickel plated brass coupling nut construction
Gold plated contact conductor
Black body, white, blue and black wire pin
Black body, white, blue and black wire-pin, gold-plated contacts