Arlington 8415 Cable Connector, 2 in Trade, 2 in Knockout, 1.7 to 2.2 in Cable Openings, Die Cast Zinc

Armored/Metal Clad Cable Connectors
1172708 MFG #: 8415
2486.65000 / ea
Save time and mone Arlington's new, low cost MC cable fittings in a variety of sizes, are super-convenient and cost-effective. Each fitting has a built-in end stop, but also comes with additional end stop bushings that accommodate different size cable bundles. ONE trade size fits several cable sizes.
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2.29IN OD Cable, 2.05IN OD Wire Bundle
Low cost saves time and money!
Fast and Easy to install
There's no need to remove the strap just loosen the screws and insert the bushing that works best with the cables you're installing
Reduces inventory comes with additional end stop bushings
Reduces inventory comes with additional end stop bushings
Built-in end stop in fitting
2.29 in OD cable, 2.05 in OD wire bundle
Patented design
Single cable opening
1.55 - 2.05 in wire bumble outer diameter
250-4, 300-4, 350-3, 350-4, 500-3 AWG/KCMIL conductor size
MCI/MCI-A, MC/HCF/AC/HCF Steel and Aluminum, AC90, TECK90 cable
Clamp, 4-Screw connection