3M™ 051135-35567 Heat Shrink Tubing, 1/8 in ID Expanded, 1/16 in ID Recovered, 0.02 in Wall THK Recovered, 100 ft L

Heat Shrink Tubing
916136 MFG #: 051135-35567
0.69000 / ea
3M™ offers a broad range of US-madeheat shrink tubing at competitive prices that allow you to address your heat shrink needs while still taking pride in buying American. 3M™ HeatShrink tubing is designed to insulate and protect in a wide variety of electrical and mechanical applications. buying from 3M™ provides the quality assurance that comes with a 100+ year-old company synonymous with American innovation.
  • Features
Flexible, Polyolefin
Balances electrical, physical and chemical properties for various industrial and military applications
Offers shrink fit protection and strain relief of wires, solder joints, terminals and connections
Suitable for lightweight wire harness covering, fire-resistant covering, wire marking, wire bundling and component packaging
Used as a shrink fit electrical insulation over cable splices and terminations
10 years shelf life from date of manufacture
Low temperature flexibility, no cracking
No dripping, flowing, cracking heat shock
10^15 Ohm-cm volume resistivity
900 V/mil dielectric strength
0.2% water absorption
2400 psi tensile strength
175 % elongation for 336 hr at 175 deg C heat aging
1.3 specific gravity
+/-5% longitudinal change
Heat shock, no dripping, flowing, cracking, passes mandrel wrap test for 4 hr at 250 deg C
175% elongation for 336 hr at 175 deg C heat aging
0.2% water absorption