Troffer Lighting Retrofit Kit Package

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Troffer Fixture Retrofit Kit


Computer designed for optimal performance

Provides uniform light distribution

Minimizes lens streaking

Tool-free reflector installation and removal

Fits most prismatic troffers

Technical Data

Socket Bars: 0.032” pre-painted cold-rolled steel. Prepunched for lampholders and wire passageway. Tabs on socket bars securely mount the reflector in the correct position relative to the lamps. Note: ESI’s optional uni-bracket is pictured in the diagrams.

Reflector: The reflector can be ordered with an 85% reflective anodized finish, a 95% reflective enhanced or film finish, or a 92% reflective white enamel. The substrate is 0.020” high quality aluminum. The reflector profile is optimized using computer analysis and manufactured using state of the art CNC equipment. A protective premask is applied to all reflective surfaces prior to manufacture. Installation: For retrofit, the existing ballast and socket bars are removed. With the new ballast installed, the ESI socket bars are centered at the ends of the fixture and fastened with two self-tapping screws. The reflector is positioned between the socket bars. By applying slight compression to the reflector peak, the tabs on the socket bar are aligned with the punchouts in the reflector. When the compression is released, the tabs securely hold the reflector in place.


Available in reflectances from 85% to 95%, meeting every performance and budget requirement.


Solid, 0.032” gloss white steel socket bars


Press-brake formed reflector profile

Designed and analyzed on proprietary software for optimal performance.

Socket bar tabs allow tool-free reflector installation and removal

Ordering Information

*** Kits do not include lampholders unless they are added as an option ***
Part Number = Fixture Size + Reflector Material + # Lamps + Lamp Wattage + Options
(Example K-24EAD2232 = 2’x4’ Retrofit Kit with an Enhanced Aluminum Reflector for 2-32W lamps)

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