Strip Lighting Retrofit Kit Package

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Strip Fixture Retrofit Kit


Computer designed for optimal performance

Available in a range of materials to meet every performance and budget criteria

One piece center bracket simplifies installation

Technical Data

Socket Bars: 0.032” pre-painted cold-rolled steel. Provided as a three-piece break-apart set to simplify material handling. Prepunched for lampholders and alignment holes.

Reflector: The reflector can be ordered with an 85% reflective anodized finish, a 95% reflective enhanced or film finish, or a 92% reflective white enamel. The substrate is 0.020” high quality aluminum. The reflector profile is optimized using computer analysis and manufactured using state of the art CNC equipment. A protective premask is applied to all reflective surfaces prior to manufacture. Installation: For retrofit, the existing ballast covers, ballast and socket bars are removed. With the new ballast installed, the ESI socket bars are attached to the existing channel with self-tapping screws. The reflector is positioned between the socket bars and attached with quarter-turn fasteners.




Optional Versa-form socket-bar set is field adjustable for 4.25" or 5.00" channels.


One piece center bracket simplifies and speeds up installation.


Available in reflectances ranging from 85% to 95% to meet every performance and budget requirement.

Designed and analyzed on proprietary software for optimal performance.

Quarter-turn fasteners allow tool-free reflector installation and removal.

Ordering Information

Part Number = Fixture Size + Reflector Material + # Lamps + Channel Width + Options
(Example K-18WR8S432-VER-BJB = 1’x8’ Kit,white 8S Refl., 4-32W lamps, to fit a 4.25” or 5.00” channel, including Tw)

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4 Lamp Lay-In Kit 2X4 Convert 4 Lamp T12 to 2 Lamp T8
2 Lamp Lay-In Kit 2X2 Convert 2 Lamp T12 to 2 Lamp T8
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