Sensor Pick To Lights

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EZ-Light sensors and pick-to-lights for equipment status and operator guidance

Steiner's family of products provides numerous solutions for visual process management and operator guidance. From innovative multi-color indicator lights to pick-to-light and sequence-guided assembly, error-proofing and productivity solutions, EZ-LIGHT replaces conventional indicators and devices, providing process refinement in ways never before possible. Incorporating sensor technology into operator guidance indicators ensures virtually error-free assembly and the highest levels of productivity.

EZ-LIGHT solutions

  • Deliver real-time operational status indication for workers and supervisors
  • Eliminate false readings from stray light; always appear gray when off
  • Prompt operators and guide sequential part selection
  • Verify correct action with sensor or push-button indication
  • Offer point sensing or arrays for wide area pick-to-light
  • Feature compatibility with PLC or other logic-level control outputs
  • Install quickly and easily with pre-wired or quick-disconnect options
  • Promote high visibility from all angles
  • Reduce costs, defects and Muda (waste)
  • Improve plant flow, productivity and efficiency

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