Screw Starters

A screw starter is a hand-held tool that has a small chuck at one end. It is used for Starting or removing screws from hard-to-reach areas, especially the ones too small to hold by hand.
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Schneider Electric  

Schneider Electric RE7RL13BU TIMER 300V 5AMP RE7 +OPTIONS,-20 to 60,0.05 s to 10 m 0.05 to 1sec 0.5 to 10sec 0.15 to 3sec 1.5 to 30secs 5 to 100sec 15 to 300sec 1.5 to 10min,5,50/60 Hz,DPDT,Din Rail,IP50 (Housing) - IP20 (Terminals),Modular Timer,Off-delay,RoHS - GL - CSA - CE - UL,Zelio,screw terminals, clamping capacity 2 x 1.5 mmA? flexible with cable endscrew terminals, clamping capacity 2 x 2.5 mmA? flexible without cable end

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Industrial Timer, Type: RE7, UL Listed File Number E164353 CNN NKCR - CSA Certified File Number LR89150 Guide 321107 - CE Marked, Control Voltage: 24V; 42-48V; 110-240VAC, 5A, 300V, 2 C/O DPDT, Relay, Timing Mode: Off-Delay, 0.05 to 300 Hours, Contact Material: Silver Nickel (90/10), Mounting: Rail or Panel, Off delay timer, Zelio, 0.33 Pound, Height: 3.07 Inches, Depth: 3.15 Inches, Width: 0.89 Inches, Catalog Reference Number: 9050CT0001
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