Philips EvoKit LED Retrofit Kit

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Philips EvoKit LED Retrofit Kit

Replacement for T8 and T12 fluorescent troffers

PHIL EVOKIT 2X2P32L/31W/840 2 0-10 7 G2 PHIL EVOKIT 2X4P42L/39W/840 2 0-10 7 G2

 EvoKit LED Retrofit Kit – fluorescent upgrade
 What it is  How it’s done  Results
  • Evo Kit LED Retrofit Kits are energy efficient, easy to install, solutions to upgrade fluorescent troffers to LED
  • EvoKit retrofits install in under 5 minutes into existing 2x2 and 2x4 troffer footprints
  • Improve lighting quality and save on energy costs within minutes

Style • Efficiency • Affordability

Existing Fixture Solution kWh/yr Savings Operating Savings ($) Before Rebate ($) After Rebate ($) Payback Period (yrs) Energy Savings
4LT12 2x4 EvoKit 38,325 39,858 14,000 8,750 2.3 73%
4LT8 2x4 EvoKit 26,280 27,331 14,000 10,400 3.8 65%
2LT12U 2x2 EvoKit 14,965 15,563 11,250 8,600 5.6 57%
  1. Energy cost (4) = 0.1040/kWh
  2. Energy costs are averaged over a 10 year analysis period
  3. Calculations based on operation 12 hours a day 5 days per week
  4. Based on 100 of each fixture

EvoKit Retrofit Solution


  • Installs in fewer fewer than 5 minutes easily replace fluorescent fixtures
  • Simple construction fits into existing ceiling T-Grid without the need to enter the ceiling


  • Comes standard with 0-10V dimming
  • Allows you to integrate dimming and benefit from daylight harvesting further reducing energy usage and saving money


  • LEDs last more than 3X longer than fluorescent lamps
  • 70,000+ hours as compared to 20,000 hours with fluorescent lamps


  • Consumes 50% less energy than 32W T8 can be dimmed to further reduce power consumption
  • EvoKit reduces maintenance costs due to its long lifetime

Make the switch to Philips EvoKit LED Retrofit Kit

PHIL EVOKIT 2X2P32L/31W/840 2 0-10 7 G2 PHIL EVOKIT 2X4P42L/39W/840 2 0-10 7 G2

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