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PRO 2.0

GEN 5.0

Owner's Manual

PRO 5.2 E & 7.5 E

Owner's Manual

Portable Generators

Get instant power anywhere, whether you're roofing a restaurant, framing a house or working in the middle of nowhere. Customize it to fit your needs.

  • Easy Refills
    Accu-Fill feature provides safe, easy refilling - and less spilling - with angled fuel inlet.
  • Extra Engine Protection
    Oil Sentry automatically shuts engine down in low-oil conditions.
  • OSHA-Ready
    When properly used, it’s equipped to meet OSHA requirements.
  • Easy Reminders
    Maintenance Minder displays hours of run time and lights up to remind you of oil/spark plug/filter changes.
  • GCFI Outlets
    Ground-fault circuit interrupter detects unbalanced electrical current and safely shuts down power.
  • Safeguards Your Investment
    Automatic voltage regulator keeps voltage consistent to avoid surges or other damage.

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