Integrated Supply & Vendor Managed

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Supplier Partnership Group   Steiner's Supplier Partnership Group offers a variety of supply chain management solutions, including inventory management, national account programs and e-business solutions. Our electrical and industrial MRO supply capability is complemented by our applied technology expertise in areas such as factory automation, power solutions, networking, motor repair, safety and others. As a result, Steiner can provide over 70% of your MRO needs, help streamline material management costs and improve process uptime.

  • Steiner Project Management
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Steiner Implementation Team
  • Steiner Inventory Replenishment
  • Manage inventory min/max levels according to usage history and forecasts
  • Weekly vending machine and tool crib inventory adjustments
  • Semiannual performance reviews

Point of Use Dispensing Systems:

Automated dispensing systems are ideal for items where control and ease of access are both required. Point-of-use availability, user accountability, controlled access, 24 hour accessibility, automated re-ordering, and real-time reporting are just a few of the benefits that can be achieved with automated dispensing technology on your shop floor. Most importantly, these benefits typically translate into a 30% reduction in usage. Employee "walk-around" time is significantly decreased when items are available at the point-of-use. Flexible, user-friendly software for managing dispensing stations as well as the storeroom in a single integrated package, provides a comprehensive solution for your inventory management job costing needs.

Jobsite Project Trailers:

Minimize non-productive labor costs with fully stocked, on-site project trailers. Steiner's Trailer Program provides dedicated inventory for on-demand availability of critical items required to meet the demands of a construction project. A Steiner trailer is set up on the work site, fully equipped with shelving and inventory. Our Inventory Control Specialists work closely with your Project Management Team to customize the inventory for each phase of the project to achieve maximum availability.

Transaction costs are reduced significantly with fewer purchases, deliveries, orders, invoices, expedites, returns, credits, and other delays that could increase your nonproductive time.

Click here for additional information about our Trailer Container Program

Vendor Managed Inventory

  • The carrying costs of MRO inventory can be as high as 30%
  • Up to 60% of all MRO inventory is either duplicate or obsolete
  • MRO purchases represent 15 to 20% of an average manufacturer's total annual expenditure

As indicated in the above research, a properly managed supply room is essential in your day to day operations. Partnering with experts who understand how to manage a large MRO inventory, reducing product searches for that specific tool and help prevent down time, will result in an immediate return on your investment. By applying our knowledge, we can reduce on-hand inventory, increase availability, improve process uptime, and automate the procurement process, alternatively reducing transaction costs and increasing bottom line profit. Steiner offers a wide range of inventory management solutions:

  • Inventory Management Software
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Storeroom Organization
  • Barcoded Inventory/RFID
  • Access Controlled Security
  • Supplier Consolidation
  • Product Standardization
  • Point-of-Use Dispensing
  • One-site Warehousing
  • Dedicated Inventory
  • Just in Time (JIT) Inventory
  • Kanban
  • Job Site Project Trailers
  • Material Sourcing
  • Web Based Order Entry
  • Documented Cost Savings
  • Customized Reporting

Integrated Supply National, Regional & Local
Steiner and supplyFORCE offers the best solution of both worlds; quality supplies at the local level, standardized terms and procedures at the regional or national level and a powerful e-business with the flexibility to make it work. A true leader in their marketplace, supplyFORCE is an organization consisting of over 300 affiliate members and over 4,000 locations nationwide, from the leading independent electrical, industrial and PVF distributors in North America. Steiner, a charter member of supplyFORCE can coordinate a national wide or regional agreement. In most situations, these distributors already enjoy strong relationships with the local facility. The mutual respect that comes from these relationships typically eliminates the resentment often encountered at the local level, improving the chances of a successful contract implementation.

The benefits associated with a successful national integrated supply program can also apply to both regional agreements and single location agreements. The concept of supplier reduction, by doing more with fewer committed partners has no boundaries.

In 1980, Steiner recognized this trend and strategically invested in personnel, facilities, new supplier relationships and technology. Over 70% of your plant floor & office MRO requirements are available through Steiner. No other distributor can provide as complete a package without outsourcing.

Let Steiner review your cost savings objectives. We can tailor a supply and services program to address your individual requirements.

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