Increase Revenue with EVlink

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Increase Revenue with EVlink

Featuring the 2011 Nissan LEAF TM - Nissan North America, Inc.

The development of the electric vehicle (EV) market offers restaurants, stores and shopping centers additional opportunities to create customer loyalty and increase revenue by installing charging stations in its parking facility. Providing EVlinkTM charging solutions to patrons shows a strong commitment to the environment and provides additional perks for customers. EV charging stations offer user identification and can be provided to users free of charge or as a pay-per-use option. Various scenarios are made possible by the recharging solutions developed by Schneider Electric.

Access to recharging may vary:

  • Freely available at no cost
  • Controlled, non-personalized, using a store-provided identification card
  • Controlled, personalized, by RFID card and subscription

The modern design of these electrical vehicle (EV) charging solutions makes them aesthetically pleasing yet exceptionally durable for daily use. Advanced versions will feature remote monitoring capabilities to allow for optimum management and maintenance of the stations, thus reducing the need for on-site staff presence.


Easy access to recharge vehicles


RFID user authentication and payment options available


Demonstrate a commitment to the environment

Interested in becoming a certified installer for EVlinkTM? Contractors click here to learn more about EcoXpertTM training and certification program.

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