How It Works

How KOHLER Generators Restore Power to Your Home

In just 10 seconds, KOHLER® generators can automatically power your AC or heat, sump pump and major appliances like your fridge and oven based on generator and load size. That’s everything, all at the same time.

Your KOHLER generator will exercise itself and run diagnostic tests for 20 minutes each week to make sure it’s ready when needed. And guess what? It happens automatically.

  • It's easier than you think

  • You won't lift a finger

  • Everything is automatic

Before Power Goes Out

  • Your automatic transfer switch (ATS) monitors the electricity coming into your home

  • When the power fails or drops below an acceptable level (brownout), the ATS signals the generator to start

  • In seconds, the ATS transfers your power from the utility to the generator

  • 10-second response... by the time you read this, your KOHLER generator will have restored power to your home

  • No refueling... KOHLER generators start and stop automatically with no need to refuel

  • No extension cords... No worries... No hassle

When Power Goes Out... Your Generator Powers Your Home

  • During a power failure your generator keeps your home powered until utility power is restored

  • With PowerBoost™ Technology, KOHLER generators can handle large starting loads like central air conditioners without dropping power to other appliances

  • Inside every KOHLER generator is a commercial-grade engine built to withstand extreme workloads to keep your house comfortable as long as the power’s out

When Utility Power Is Restored... Your Generator Turns Off

  • When utility power is restored, the ATS automatically transfers your power from the generator to the utility

  • Your standby generator automatically shuts down, ready for the next power outage

  • With OnCue Generator Management System, you can manage your KOHLER home generator, receive updates via text or e-mail, view real-time power operation and more all from your computer, phone or tablet