Kohler Residential Generators

Kohler's line of residential and light commercial generators from 14 kW to 150 kW provide superior AC output performance while minimizing acoustic noise. Some competitive models offer reduced noise while in "exercise mode," but are significantly louder while in "emergency mode."

Kohler models feature electronic governors, heavy duty starting batteries, and robust enclosures, while also allowing easy access for serviceability.

Kohler earned the highest score and received a "best buy" rating from a leading consumer research magazine.

Learn About The Basics

A standby home generator keeps your power on during an outage. It’s installed outside your house (like an AC unit) and comes on automatically — whether you’re home or away. All within seconds of a power outage. Plus home generators run on propane or natural gas, so there’s no refueling.

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The Science Behind The Magic

Before your power goes out.... Your automatic transfer switch (ATS) monitors the electricity coming from the utility. It's working 24/7 to protect your home.

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Benefits For Choosing KOHLER

Every KOHLER generator is meticulously quality-tested start to finish. First, our engineering team runs hundreds of performance tests during our design process. Everything’s examined — down to the bolt. Once the generator design passes our inspection, it’s ready for production. But before it leaves the factory, we put it through the paces one more time. The result is total reliability.

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Discover Which Product Is Best For Your Needs

KOHLER offers a wide array of products and accessories that makes KOHLER a one-stop-shop for all generator needs.

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The Convenience Of Installation

One thing to keep in mind: this is not a DIY project. It all begins with a site visit with your KOHLER dealer. They'll help you choose the perfect size generator, the right fuel source and the best installation locations for your generator and transfer switch.

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Do You Have Other Questions? Let's Get Started!

Schedule a site visit, get a quote or speak with a professional. We're here to help.

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