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Everything works together. Just as it should.

A power system is only as good as the parts that define it and the engineers that design it. That’s why Steiner represents KOHLER® as an authorized distributor. This isn’t your typical power system. It’s a KOHLER industrial power system that’s loaded with designed and manufactured components from KOHLER.

Generators, engines, transfer switches, switchgear, controllers—you name it, KOHLER makes it. Every part is designed to work with the entire system. And Steiner's experienced sales team can assist you in selecting the appropriate solution to meet your power specifications. So when the grid goes down, you’ll be glad you spec’d KOHLER along with having Steiner Power Systems to support your pre and post sale requirements.

Kohler Industrial Generators
Kohler Diesel Generators


KOHLER diesel generators are built to power any application including hospitals, gas stations, data centers, airports and more. And with the new line of KD Series generators, you have massive power options up to 4 MW.



From light commercial to heavy industrial, KOHLER gaseous generators from 25 to 400 kW are customized to your specs and available EPA-certified. Large gaseous models from 400 to 1300 kW are designed to work specifically for standby, prime or continuous applications – whatever you need.

Kohler Gaseous Generators
Kohler Generator Accessories


Designed to meet your specific application needs, KOHLER accessories - enclosures, tanks and block heaters to connection boxes and alarm modules - offer flexibility and convenience for KOHLER diesel and gaseous generators and automatic transfer switches.



KOHLER transfer switches bridge the gap between loss of utility and standby power. Featuring KOHLER designed and built MPAC® controllers, they're factory-tested to ensure transfer of power from utility to generator and back.

Kohler Automatic Transfer Switches
Kohler Controllers


Decision-Maker® controllers are KOHLER-designed and factory-tested – from basic controls to multiple generator paralleling. They're easy to operate, with user-friendly displays and advanced network communications.



KOHLER Decision-Maker™ Paralleling System offers something other systems don't - 100% integration. So whether your need is emergency, prime power, interruptible rate or peak shaving applications, KOHLER can custom-engineer the switchgear to back it up. The KOHLER and Steiner teams take care of you every step of the way, from concept to startup.

Kohler Paralleling Switchgear
Please contact your Steiner Power Systems application engineer or call 1-847-956-3098 for more information.