Gen-Tracker™ Generator Remote Monitoring System

The Gen-Tracker™ generator remote monitoring system provides a simple and universal solution to keep you apprised of critical information on your standby generator. This affordable solution gives continuous ‘Results Readings’ of the most critical data on any standby generator system ensuring optimal performance at the time of your next emergency event.

  • Monitoring units transmit event-driven information to Gen-Tracker’s secured data centers.
  • Timely event notifications, alerts and emails are sent from the data center directly to you and your Steiner Power Systems service technicians.
  • All information is accessible by you and can be managed through a personalized secure web portal.

Steiner’s experienced Power Systems engineers will help you evaluate the right generator remote monitoring system solution for your standby generator and specific environment. We will then help you install, configure, maintain and operate your new generator remote monitoring system to give you peace of mind that your generator will perform optimally during the next emergency, when you need it most.

Automated Reports

Hubbel 30A Non-Metallic
  • Monthly Activity Report details generator activity including runs, outages, and faults.
  • Run Report generated at the end of every generator run detailing specific information such as start time, battery cranking voltage, and run duration.

Web Portal

Hubbel 30A Non-Metallic
  • Secured and easy-to-use web portal allows you to see how your generator is performing from anywhere in the world.
  • Manage your notifications and reports, view history summaries and detailed events.

How it Works

Hubbel 30A Non-Metallic
  • Each Gen-Tracker system is installed at the Transfer Switch or the Generator itself.
  • Monitoring units communicate with the secured Gen-Tracker Data Center to process and issue notifications and reports to you and your Steiner Power Systems service technicians.

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