Universal™ BALLASTAR® B228PU95S50D001C High Frequency Electronic Dimming Ballast, T5 Lamp, 28 W, 120 to 277 VAC

Dimming Fluorescent Ballasts
628266 MFG #: B228PU95S50D001C
Universal Lighting Technologies
66.87000 / ea
Universal™ BALLASTAR® Electronic Dimming Ballast, High Frequency, T5 Lamp, 28 W Lamp, 60 W, 120 to 277 VAC, 0.509 A, 50/60 Hz, Programmed Rapid Start, 10 deg C Minimum Starting, Total Harmonic Distortion: <10%, Power Factor: >0.95, Yes Dimmable, 2 Lamps, Thermal Protection: Class P, Ballast Factor: 0.95, NEMA 1, 40 deg C, Surface Mount, 16.28 in L x 1.18 in W x 1 in H
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Step dimming
Installation flexibility - Ballastar® light level switching products make it easy-to implement controllable lighting solutions with only one additional line voltage conductor
Ballastar® ballasts can be controlled using two standard toggle switches, no sophisticated control devices are needed
Modern level switching technology - Ballastar® light level switching ballasts vary the light output of all the lamps, eliminating fixture dark spots associated with inboard/outboard switching schemes
Control options: application of the Ballastar® family is not limited to manual control with toggle switches
Other control options, like occupancy sensors, building management technologies or any other device using a contact closure, can be implemented with Ballastar®
Easy system setup: Ballastar® light level switching ballasts are shipped from the factory with predefined light levels, no programming is required
Ballastar® T5 products provide two predefined control levels - 50 and 100 percent of the rated input power, these ballasts are featured with universal input voltage (120 to 277 VAC) for installation flexibility
Ballastar® S30 products for T8 lamps provide three pre-defined control levels - 30, 60 percent and the standard 0.88, dedicated voltage ballasts for 120 V and 277 V systems are available
Energy management devices
For (2) F28T5 lamps
>1.7 crest factor
Meets FCC part 18 (non-consumer), limits for EMI/RFI