Square D™ 9070T500D33 Type T Open Style Control Transformer, 415 VAC Primary, 115/230 VAC Secondary, 500 VA, 50/60 Hz

Control Transformers
100211 MFG #: 9070T500D33
Square D™
739.00000 / ea
Square D 9070T500D33 XFMR CONTROL 500VA MULTIPLE VOLTAGES,1-Phase,115 Degrees C,115/230V,180 deg.C,380/400/415V,500VA,Copper,Industrial Control Transformer,Open,Panel,Screw Clamp,Specifically designed to handle high inrush associated with contactors and relays for applications such as conveyor systems, paint lines, punch presses or overhead cranes,UL Listed, CSA, CE Marked
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Copper windings
Stocked in a wide variety of size
Derives 120 or near 120 VAC control power from a wide variety of supply voltages
Compatible with square D™ finger safe covers
Compatible with square D™ control power fuse kits
Competitively priced with other universal control power transformers on the market
Designed with low impedance windings for excellent voltage regulation
Can accommodate the high inrush current associated with contactor starters, solenoid and relays
Comes with unmatched design innovations for top performance
Manufactured using the most advanced insulating material and is best choice if size and cost are of concern