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Sensitive control application;Regulation between two thresholds
Air, water, hydraulic oil, gas controller fluid
Regulation between 2 thresholds pressure switch operation
Adjustable scale
1/4 in 18 NPTF fluid connection
0.4% repeat accuracy
5000000 cycles mechanical durability
Diaphragm pressure actuator
1/2 in NPT conduit entrance cable entry
4-terminal block
3 A 240 VAC A600 NEMA rating designation, 6 A 120 VAC A600 NEMA rating designation, 0.22 A 125 VDC R300 NEMA rating designation, 0.11 A 250 VDC R300 NEMA rating designation rated current
Without local display
Watertight, dusttight, oiltight and corrosion-resistant (indoor/outdoor) environmental conditions
Hydraulic oil, noncorrosive liquids, air and noncorrosive gas