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Control electrically driven water pumps and air compressors;Power circuit;Regulation between 2 thresholds
-22 to 257 deg F air and fresh water controlled fluid
Regulation between 2 thresholds pressure switch operation
Adjustable differential scale
1/4 in NPSF internal fluid connection
+/-3% repeat accuracy
575 VAC insulation voltage
Diaphragm pressure actuator
75 to 100 psi value of setting
4-terminal block
2 NC, snap action, DPST-DB, form YY contacts type and composition
3 knockouts for 1/2 in conduit cable entry
10 AWG clamping capacity
20 A by cartridge fuse, type gG short circuit protection
100000 cycles at 10 cycles/min electrical durability
300000 cycles mechanical durability
Without local display
General purpose (indoor) environmental conditions
300 psig system pressure