Square D™ 9013GH Compressor Switch Without Local Display, 65 to 200 psi, 20 to 40 psi, DPST, Screw Clamp

Pressure Control Switches
141950 MFG #: 9013GHG2J29
Square D™
74.00000 / ea
Square D 9013GHG2J29 PRESSURE SWITCH 575VAC 5HP G +OPTIONS,-,0.25 inch NPSF internal conforming to UL 508,20...40 psi,200 psi (40...170 psi),65...200 psi,75...100 psi,300 PSIG,40 to 170 PSIG,DPST,General Purpose (Indoor),NEMA 1,Pressure Switch,Pumptrol,Screw Clamp,UL listed, CSA,control electrically driven water pumps and air compressors,fresh water (-22...257 deg.F)-air (-22...257 deg.F)
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Control electrically driven water pumps and air compressors;Power circuit;Regulation between 2 thresholds
-22 to 257 deg F air and fresh water controlled fluid
Regulation between 2 thresholds pressure switch operation
Adjustable differential scale
1/4 in NPSF internal fluid connection
+/-3% repeat accuracy
575 VAC insulation voltage
Diaphragm pressure actuator
75 to 100 psi value of setting
4-terminal block
2 NC, snap action, DPST-DB, form YY contacts type and composition
3 knockouts for 1/2 in conduit cable entry
10 AWG clamping capacity
20 A by cartridge fuse, type gG short circuit protection
100000 cycles at 10 cycles/min electrical durability
300000 cycles mechanical durability
Without local display
General purpose (indoor) environmental conditions
300 psig system pressure