Square D™ 9007 Heavy Duty Rotary Actuated Limit Switch, 600 VAC, 10 A, Spring Return Actuator, 1NC-1NO SPDT-DB, 1 Pole

Rotary Actuated Limit Switches
291063 MFG #: 9007C54B2Y1851
Square D™
247.00000 / ea
Square D 9007C54B2Y1851 LIMIT SWITCH 600V 10AMP C +OPTIONS,-,metal,plug-in,-20...185 deg.F for standard environment,10 A,600V,9007,limit switch,plug-in,rotary head,9007C,heavy duty,rotary head,Lever Arm (ordered separately) CW and CCW,NC-NO,NEMA A600/Q600,Potted and Prewired with a five conductor STOWA cord (8 Feet),UL Listed - CSA Certified - CE Marked,plug-in,rotary,standard environment
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Standard box
C + options limit switch
10 deg tripping angle
Form Z, snap action silver contacts
From left and right CW and CCW switch actuation
Plug-in body
Zinc spring return without operating lever (-) 9007C lever
1 or 2 programmable direction lateral approach
90 ft/min with 45 deg cam angle, 130 ft/min with 30 deg cam angle, levers only
+/-0.002 in linear travel of cam
Standard environment
Rotary head
Potted and prewired with a five conductor STOWA cord (8 ft)