Square D™ 9007-C62B2 Heavy Duty Limit Switch, 600 VAC/VDC, 10 A, Lever Arm Actuator, 2NO-2NC

Rotary Actuated Limit Switches
33557 MFG #: 9007C62B2
Square D™
207.00000 / ea
Square D 9007C62B2 LIMIT SWITCH 600V 10AMP C +OPTIONS,-,metal,plug-in,-20...185 deg.F for standard environment,0.5 Inch NPT Conduit Entrance (screw clamp terminals),1 entry for 1/2 - 14 NPT conforming to ANSI B1.20.1,plug-in,10 A,2(NC-NO),600V,9007,limit switch,plug-in,rotary head,9007C,heavy duty,rotary head,Lever Arm (ordered separately) CW and CCW,NEMA A600/R300,UL Listed - CSA Certified - CE Marked,rotary,standard environment
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Standard box
Full range of styles available, including top push plunger, parallel roller plunger, cross roller plunger and rotary lever and Omni directional whisker
Factory pre-wiring with industrial grade cable (type SJTO) eliminates the need to remove the cover to wire the switch
Bottom or side entrance cable connections and bottom or side connectors are available along with a symmetrical design and top mounting holes for easy gang mounting of several switches for multiple switching
Heavy duty, completely encapsulated miniature MS limit switch includes a Viton® O-ring seal on the plunger that keeps liquids from entering the switch cavity
Includes an epoxy compound seal around the electrical cable connections and switch housing
9007 MS limit switches also incorporate a sealed snap switch offering a 10 A continuous current rating or gold contacts for a low level logic switching
Top mounting holes (40 mm) for easy gang mounting
Heavy duty epoxy encapsulated with 18 AWG SJTO cable