Square D™ 2511KF22 MANUAL SWITCH 600VAC K

AC Motor Starting Switches
PDW~6429342 MFG #: 2511KF22
Square D™
462.98000 / ea
Schneider Electric,MANUAL SWITCH 600VAC K +OPTIONS,1.5 hp 230 V DC-7.5 hp 230 V AC-2 hp 115 V DC-2 hp 115 V AC-10 hp 575 V AC-1 hp 90 V DC-10 hp 460 V AC,230 V DC-600 V AC,3 phases,30 A,Duplex Unit Manual Switch,K,not rated (flush plate) painted sheet steel standard size
  • Features
Type K reversing manual switches provide a compact means of starting, stopping and reversing AC motors where overload protection is not required or is provided separately
Two switches are used, one to connect the motor for forward rotation and one for reverse
Two switches are employed to give ON-OFF control in each speed
2 hp at 115 VAC, 7-1/2 hp at 230 VAC, 10 hp at 460/575 VAC, 1 hp at 90 VDC, 2 hp at 115 VDC, 1-1/2 hp at 230 VDC
30 A at 600 VAC, 30 A at 24 VDC
Without indicator