SolaHD IC+205 ISLATRL+ 1PH 5A 240V

Surge Filters
462603 MFG #: IC+205
276.17000 / ea
Islatrol Active Tracking Filter, Rated Output: 5 Amps, MCOV: 120 Volts/150 VRMS, 240 Volts/275 VRMS, Frequency: 47-63 HZ, Peak Surge Current Capability: 15,000 Amps, Category A Ringwave(6kV, 200 A, 100 kHz): Normal 1 .5/.08, Common 628/616
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Industrial or office equipment, computers placed in harsh environments.
Reduces normal mode transients to +/-2 volts; Surge current capacity - 45,000 Amps; Transient protection in all modes: line to neutral, line to ground, and neutral to ground; LED power indication