Schneider Electric XACA2014 PENDANT STATION 600VAC

Pendant Control Stations
839994 MFG #: XACA2014
Schneider Electric
185.00000 / ea
Schneider Electric XACA2014 PENDANT STATION 600VAC 10A XAC +OPTIONS,(2) Pushbuttons (Up/Down Arrows),1 N.O. (per Operator) - 1 N.C. (for E-Stop),10A,600V,Harmony XAC,IP65 IEC 60529,Pistol Grip Pendant Station,Screw Clamp,Water tight, Dust tight and Corrosion Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor),Yellow Polypropylene,double insulated,with mechanical interlocking
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Control of single speed hoist motor;ZB2BE101 for each direction;ZB2BE102 for emergency stop;Control circuit
Pendant control stations for custom 22 mm pushbuttons with pre-assembled and un-assembled versions and various hole size options between 2-12 holes
Single and 2-speed versions with 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 number of hole versions
Momentary or maintained contacts with or without mechanical interlocks
High impact thermoplastic enclosure with self-extinguishing flammability rating (UL 94V) with NEMA 4, 4X, 5, IP65 deg of protection
Beside pre-built versions, all other orders are custom
Simple, reliable operator pendant control stations
Designed for mechanical handling, these highly robust pendant control stations comply with the safety requirements of UL and IEC standards
XAC pendants are not only simple and intuitive, but also very ergonomic for the operator
This Schneider electric XACA pendant station is ideal to control single speed hoisting applications
It has 1 "up", 1 "down" and 1 emergency mushroom pushbutton with 1 normally open contact per button, plus 1 normally closed contact for the stop button
Impact-resistant yellow enclosure for increased visibility solid rubber grommet junction with cable, for maximum water tightness ergonomic pistol grip allowing for single handed control of your hoist, crane