Sandvik Coromant 5726668 CoroTurn® XS Thread Turning Tool, CXS-06TH125VM-6215L 1025, CXS-xxTH..VM..L Insert, 20, Internal/V-Profile 60 deg Thread, CXS-06TH125VM-6215L 1025

PDW~8855899 MFG #: 5726668
Sandvik Coromant
45.10000 / ea
Sandvik Coromant Thread Turning Tool, Series: CoroTurn® XS, CXS-xxTH..VM..L Insert, Internal/V-Profile 60 deg, 20, 0.2362 in Inscribed Circle, 1.6196 in Length, ANSI Code: CXS-06TH125VM-6215L 1025, ISO Code: CXS-06TH125VM-6215L 1025, Manufacturer's Grade: 1025, Left Hand, Carbide, PVD Coated, Material Grade: M/N/P/S
  • Applications
  • Features
Finishing, Internal Turning, Profiling, Face Grooving and Threading in All Materials
Optimized for machining of small high quality features
High precision and repeatability
Reliable and easy-to-use clamping system
Locking precision - solid carbide boring bar fits precisely into the adaptor with a locating pin, rigid clamping with increased stability with collet clamped adaptors
Without coolant entry
0.97 mm H theoretical thread
No coolant exit
6 mm Dia connection
6.2 mm Dia minimum bore
37.3 mm L functional
0 deg major cutting edge(Kappa)
38.14 mm L protruding
15 mm L usable
17.16 mm maximum overhang
20 life cycle state