Sandvik Coromant 5725218 T-Max® P 2-Sided Turning Insert, CNGQ453T0820WG 6190, C-80 deg Diamond, CNGQ..WG Insert, 6190, Carbide

PDW~8854385 MFG #: 5725218
Sandvik Coromant
41.65000 / ea
T-Max® P is your first choice for general turning, stretching from small components to heavy machining. the inserts fit into all Sandvik Coromant high-performance holding systems and can be used in a variety of applications in all materials. Geometries specifically designed for high-pressure coolant are available for steel, stainless steel, and HRSA materials.
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Finishing Applications
0 deg major clearance
0.25 mm W face land
T cutting edge condition
4 cutting edges
Notch clamping interface
20 deg face land
95 deg cutting edge
11.69 mm L effective cutting edge
G tolerance class
Wiper edge technology
0.15 - 0.54 mm/r cutting feed
20 life cycle state
Negative basic shape inserts for high-performance turning
Double sided inserts with strong edges
Lever clamping for wet machining, RC-clamping for dry machining and short chip materials, Wedge clamp for improved accessibility
Precision nozzles and optimized geometries for high precision coolant machining
Dedicated grades and geometries for all applications and materials
Productive solution with wiper and Xcel technologies
Tools featuring high precision coolant for excellent chip breaking
Reliable and secure machining, even in roughing applications