Sandvik Coromant 5724859 CoroTurn® 107 1-Sided Turning Insert, CCGW3(2.5)2S0320FWH 7025, C-80 deg Diamond, CCGW..S..WH Insert

PDW~8853720 MFG #: 5724859
Sandvik Coromant
91.40000 / ea
Sandvik Coromant Turning Insert, 1-Sided, Series: CoroTurn® 107, CCGW..S..WH Insert, C-80 deg Diamond, 0.2 mm Maximum Depth of Cut, 3/8 in Inscribed Circle, 0.1562 in Thickness, 0.3807 in Length, FWH Chipbreaker, 0.0312 in Corner Radius, 0.1732 in Hole Dia, Manufacturer's Grade: 7025, ANSI Code: CCGW3(2.5)2S0320FWH 7025, ISO Code: CCGW09T308S01020FWH 7025, 80 deg Included Angle, Neutral Hand, Carbide, Uncoated, Material Grade: H
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Finishing Applications
Universal geometry for steel materials
Reinforced chipbreaker blades
Extremely wide range of applications
Aluminum oxide with optimized microstructure offers a 50% longer tool life under conditions of crater wear and also reduced machining times
Mechanical post-treatment - unique residual stress rate, increased process reliability
Large, universal chip breaking area and longer tool life for ISO P geometries
Ground seating surface after coating for improved process reliability when working with interrupted cuts
Silver flank face indicator layer for extremely easy wear detection
Microedge technology offers a 30% longer tool life under conditions of flank face wear or plastic deformation
Extremely smooth rake face for excellent tribochemical wear resistance
0.05 - 0.35 mm/r cutting feed
20 life cycle state
Sharp cutting edges and excellent chip control ensure a soft cutting action and low cutting forces, providing an excellent surface finish to the component
7 deg clearance angle
Screw clamping ensures stability and unobstructed chip flow
Holders and insert geometries with conventional and CoroTurn HP design
For longitudinal turning and profiling
Positive rake
Screw clamp mount