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  • Features
Synchronous motors;Asynchronous motors;Process and utilities
Constant torque standard;Variable torque standard;Optimized torque mode;16 preset speeds;Forced convection
Accurate measurement for monitoring system energy consumption (deviation <5%)
Installation energy drift detection
Embedded Ethernet with direct access to system configuration and monitoring
Integration of actual pump curves to optimize the system operating point
Optimized pump monitoring based on actual operating point
Sensorless estimated flow rate
Measurements expressed in working units
Limitation of overvoltage at the motor terminals
Contextual access to technical documentation through dynamic QR code
Continuous and historical real-time measurements with customizable dashboards
Predictive and preventive maintenance tracking functions (e.g.: temperatures with PT100/1000 probe, fan monitoring)
7-1/2 hp at normal duty, 5 hp at heavy duty horsepower rating
10.4 A at 380 VAC normal duty, 9.1 A at 480 VAC normal duty, 8 A at 380 VAC heavy duty, 7.2 A at 480 VAC heavy duty amperage rating