SPLINE 2CT 1-1/2" X 11" X 16

Hammer Drill Bits
355564 MFG #: 48-20-4150
132.81000 / ea
Milwaukee®'s Spline 2-Cutter Rotary Hammer drill bits are used for drilling intro brick, block, and concrete.
  • Features
Brazing formula optimizes drilling for up to 20% longer life
Unique flute geometry provides efficient dust removal
Centering point and 4-cutter design provide accurate and precise round holes
Two cutter spline bits have a series of 12 spline that slide into an equal but opposite set of spline in the drive system of the spline drive hammer
This positive engagement of spline to spline allows maximum transmission of energy from the hammer to the bit
Superior quality carbide nibs are vacuum brazed to a heat treated steel body resulting in two cutting edges which pulverize the concrete as the bit turns and pounds the work surface
11 in useable length