SIGNAL® 552690408 OFC Low Energy Circuit Underground Lighting Cable, 30 VAC, (2) 12 AWG Bare Stranded Copper Conductors, 250 ft L

Underground Low Voltage Cables
345352 MFG #: 55269-04-08
Coleman Cable
670.78000 / ea
Marketed under the signal ® brand name, Coleman Cable manufacturers one of the most comprehensive security, home technology and datacom cable packages available today. Our product offering provides cable solutions for virtually every security and home technology application. Coleman Cable's technical expertise and commitment to innovation ensure the most advanced and highest quality security, home technology and datacom cable in the market.
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Outdoor Lighting
1.59 Ohm/1000 ft nominal DC resistance per conductor at 20 deg C
Direct burial zip speaker/lighting cable
0.041 in nominal insulation/insulation thickness
Stranded low energy circuit cable
Sequential footage marking
This cable consists of two bare copper conductors with integral insulation and jacket in an SPT style construction