Philips Lighting MH175/U/M 15556 HID Metal Halide Metal Halide Lamp, 175 W, ED17 Lamp, Medium E26 Lamp Base, 14000 Lumens

Parking Lot Lamps
3990 MFG #: 313585
35.92000 / ea
Philips standard metal halide probe start lamp is ideal for multiple lighting applications. Customization options include color temperatures, wattages (full range), bulb finishes (clear or coated), control gear (CWA control gear or ignitor Reactor metal halide gear). Probe start is the perfect replacement lamp for Multi-Vapor and super metal arc lamps.
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General Lighting (G)
Hard glass bulb material
24 mg mercury content
Bulb temperature (maximum): 450 deg C
Cap-base temperature (maximum): 210 deg C