Norton 4-1/2X5/8-11 36 GRIT FLAP DISC R980P T29 BLAZE

Coated Abrasive Flap Discs
1012366 MFG #: 66261183490
8.32000 / ea
Norton® Blaze® Coated Flap Disc, Standard Density, Series: R980, 4-1/2 in Dia, 5/8-11, 36/Extra Coarse, Ceramic Alumina Abrasive, Type 29/Conical, Fiberglass/Y-Weight Polyester Backing, Resin Bond, Applicable Materials: Stainless Steel, Titanium and Super Alloys
  • Features
Latest generation ceramic alumina grain with a unique grinding aid that provides 2 to 3 times performance over zirconia alumina on stainless, alloys and other hard to grind materials
Type 29 have an angled face providing greater surface contact and are the best choice fast stock removal
Fiberglass resin backing plates are the most popular due to high strength, lightweight and ability to absorb vibration
Y-weight polyester flaps significantly improve life, grain retention and fray-resistance
High strength, lightweight, absorbs vibration
New industry standard for trimmability
Conical flap discs have flaps angled at 10 deg and may be used on both conical and flat surfaces
The angle provides greater surface contact and as a result, tends to be the most aggressive choice
The best choice when speed and stock removal are primary considerations
Grind at 15 to 25 deg steeper angles
Best tier