Milwaukee® Ice Hardened™ 49-56-0092 Dozer™ Hole Saw, 1-5/8 in Dia, 1-5/8 in Cutting, Bi-Metal/Cobalt Cutting Edge, 43228

Hole Saws
1049682 MFG #: 49-56-0092
11.22000 / ea
Made in the USA, the Milwaukee® Hole Dozer™ Hole Saw features Rip Guard™, the strongest tooth form in the industry, backed by the Rip Guard™ Limited Lifetime Tooth Break Warranty. Each tooth is built with more steel behind the cutting edge for added strength. The Rip Guard™ warranty on tooth breaks is a first for the hole saw industry. The added tooth strength along with 8% cobalt give added life to the teeth, allowing for increased productivity on the jobsite, as well as continued hole quality. The Hole Dozer™ includes Plug Jack™, an all access slot design that allows for full access during plug removal. The Plug Jack™ gives access lower into the cup for thick material and higher towards the teeth for thin material. With multiple positions to apply leverage and better plug access, Plug Jack™ increases productivity and eliminates wasted downtime between holes. For fast, tool-free change-outs, use Milwaukee's universal Quick-Change Arbors. 49-56-7210, 49-56-7240, 49-56-7250, and 49-56-9100.
  • Features
Ice Hardened Cryogenically Treated For Up To 50 PCT Longer Life; Optimized Tooth Form For Up To 2X Faster Cutting; Wide, Angled & Offset Slots For Easy Plug Access; Bi-Metal Construction With 8 PCT Cobalt For Increased Wear Resistance; Works With The Following Arbors: 49-56-7240, 49-56-7250, 49-56-9100, 49-56-7055, 49-56-7040, 49-56-7140 & 49-56-7150; Rpm Mild Steel: 210 RPM; Rpm Stainless Steel: 105 RPM; Rpm Cast Iron: 140 RPM; Rpm Aluminum: 315 RPM
Bi-metal construction with 8% cobalt for increased wear resistance
Optimized tooth form for up to 2X faster cutting
Functional slots for faster plug removal
Matrix II bi-metal teeth for greater durability
Wide, angled and offset slots for easy plug access
Positive rake angle for fast cutting
Ice hardened cryogenically treated for up to 50% longer life