Milwaukee® 2130-20 M18 TRUEVIEW LED STAND LIGHT

Cordless Flashlights & Lights
911985 MFG #: 2130-20
224.11000 / ea
The Brighter, Tougher, Taller Stand Light M18™ ROCKET™ LED Tower Light is designed to give professionals an area lighting solution that adapts, performs, and survives industrial use unlike any other portable work light. The 2130-20 can be setup in ss with its max extension 7 ft high, and it collapses down to 40 in for easy transport and storage. The light head can be extended from 4 to 7 ft to light overhead work or minimize shadows when casting light downward. Capable of filling large areas with light, it provides 2000 Lumens of high definition light output for in its high mode, 1300 in medium and 850 in low and it can run for up to 4, 6, or 10 hr with an M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC 5.0 Battery Pack. It uses high quality LEDs with a neutral white color and a high color rendering index paired with a Milwaukee® designed reflector to produce an even beam pattern. Its reinforced legs are impact resistant, and its low center of gravity provides a stable base. The light head is protected by an impact-resistant lens and bezel, and it nests into a protective shroud for secure transport and storage. Its LEDs never need to be replaced, and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The combination of these technologies offers professionals the highest quality LED lighting solution, on or off the jobsite.
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Industrial Applications
Sets up in five sec, 7 ft maximum extension
Rotating and pivoting head is extendable from 4 to 7 ft
Compact 26 in footprint with low center of gravity
Three light output modes for optimal brightness and runtime
2000 Lumens for up to 4 hr with M18™ XC 5 pack high mode
1300 Lumens for up to 6 hr with M18™ XC 5 pack medium mode
850 Lumens for up to 10 hours with M18™ XC 5 pack low mode
High definition output with true color, even beam and natural light
Low battery indicator alerts users when the battery is nearing end of charge
Impact resistant, reinforced legs