M.A. Ford®Twister® GP 40350000 Stub Length Spotting Drill Bit, 1/2 in Dia x 3 in L, Solid Carbide, Bright

Spotting Drills
497984 MFG #: 40350000
M.A. Ford®
87.22000 / ea
M.A. Ford® drills are designed for maximum flexibility and performance when drilling a wide variety of materials, ranging from soft, non-ferrous materials to hardened steels. Twister® GP drills are an excellent choice for all general purpose hole-making and provide these high performance benefits.
  • Features
Solid carbide construction, short lengths and no body clearance make this a very rigid tool
Can be used at higher speeds and feeds, compatible with other carbide tooling
Easy to repoint because there is no web taper
High feed rates with excellent chip evacuation
Accurate hole size in a wide range of materials
Pre-drilling and follow up operations can often be eliminated because of the quality and performance of M.A. Ford® drills
Minimal wander produces maximum precision, productivity and drill life
Web-thinned drill designs are available for reduced power requirements, lower temperatures and extended drill life