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Lighting, Wall, Surface, Inverted Mount for Facade, Canopy Illumination, Post, Bollard, Low Level Pathway Illumination Including Stairs, Building Entrances, Multi-Use Facilities, Apartment Buildings, Institutions, Schools, Stairways, Loading Docks and Wet Location Applications
Energy saving replacement up to 250 W HID
Wall, inverted or pole mount
Patented heavy duty construction, maximum LED performance
Die cast aluminum, low profile design with hinged removable door
Emergency egress battery pack
Sealed LED optical chamber
0.71 A at 120 VAC, 0.39 A at 208 VAC, 0.35 A at 240 VAC, 0.31 A at 277 VAC
Wall, inverted or pole mount. Energy saving replacement up to 250W HID