Lithonia Lighting® CMRB-9-LT CMRB Line Voltage Standard Range Occupancy Sensor, 120/277 VAC, Passive Infrared Sensor, 67 deg

Fixture Mount Occupancy Sensors
880195 MFG #: CMRB 9 LT
224.64000 / ea
The CMRB 9 Series Standard Range occupancy sensor mounts directly to the end of a fluorescent fixture and utilizes the industry's leading Passive Infrared (PIR) technology to provide amazing sensitivity to small motions and excellent payback. The sensor is line powered and can switch loads directly without the need for a power pack. A CMRB 9 is typically installed on each fixture when used in long corridors with concrete ceilings and pendant or surface fixtures spaced 10 to 20 ft apart. This approach maximizes energy savings and may be more cost effective than running low voltage wiring. When mounting above 15 ft the CMRB 6 Series is a better option than the CMRB 9; and when mounting below 8 ft or for greater radial coverage the CMRB 10 Series should be alternatively considered. Additionally, for areas with obstructions, the CMRB PDT 9 should is recommended.
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Cafeteria, Classroom, Closet/Storage Room, Conference Room, Examination Room, Hospital, Kitchen, Living Area, Locker Room, Open Office, Patient Room, Private Office, Restroom
The CMRB 10 Series occupancy sensor mounts directly to the end of a pendant or surface mount fixture and utilizes the industry’s leading Passive Infrared (PIR) technology to provide maximum viewing from the ceiling. The sensor is line powered and can switch loads directly without the need for a power pack. When mounted at 9 ft (2.74 m), this sensor views up to 28 ft (8.53 m) in all directions. Its circular coverage pattern is designed for walking motions; making it ideal for T-shaped intersections in corridors, or other areas where wall mounting a sensor is not practical. The CMRB 10 is also the best sensor for low ceiling applications. For example, when mounted at only 7 ft (2.13 m), the height of pick aisles in many distribution centers, the CMRB 10 provides a 32 ft (9.75 m) diameter pattern of coverage. In applications where detection of minor motion is also required, the CMRB PDT 10 Series Dual Technology sensor is recommended.
100% digital PIR detection, excellent RF immunity
100 hr lamp burn-in timer mode
Self-contained relay, no power pack needed
No minimum load requirements
Interchangeable hot and load wires, impossible to wire backwards
Adjustable time delays
No field calibration or sensitivity adjustments required
Convenient test mode
Compatible with electronic and magnetic ballasts CFLs, LED and incandescent
800 W at 120 VAC, 1200 W at 277 VAC, 1500 W at 347 VAC maximum load per pole
Sinks < 20 mA, 40 ballasts at 0.5 mA each
Gloss finish
1/2 in knockout mounting
Low Temp/high humidity
Green LED indicator