Leviton® VerifEye™ CTV08-K40 Split Core, 1200:0.1 A Current Ratio, 800:0.333 V Voltage Ratio, 6 x 5.2 in ID

Current Transformers
1098717 MFG #: CTV08-K40
178.66000 / ea
Leviton® current transformers (CTs) support our full line of VerifEye™ revenue grade meters and help meet all measurement and verification based opportunities including smart metering and LEED rating achievement. Designed as part of a simple and effective process for accurately capturing measurements of power consumption, CTs are easy to specify and install for new construction and retrofits. The better the equipment, the better the measurement. Leviton® meters utilize highly accurate current transformers for revenue grade performance certified to ANSI standards. Competing products use current sensors that do not provide the same level of performance. CTs come as solid core standard for high quality, long term accuracy and reliability. Solid core CTs deliver +/-0.3% accuracy. Split core and Rogowski coil CTs deliver +/-1.0% accuracy. For added safety, all Leviton® current transformers come with built-in voltage suppression devices that prevent hazardous voltages from developing on CT secondaries should they become disconnected from a meter with load current present. Leviton® CTs are UL and cUL listed devices.
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For EMH+, 4000, 4100 series ModBus meter kit, commercial, institutional, industrial, government and networks applications
Split core current transformers can be disassembled or split in to halves eliminating the need to turn power OFF and open the circuit during installation
This time saving installation is ideal for critical loads that cannot be disconnected
Split core current transformers close securely for fast, precise installation with no need for time consuming tie wraps and no worries about improper seating or core half separation
800:0.333 voltage ratio