Leviton® ToggleTouch TGI06-1LI 3-Way Preset Digital Dimmer, 120 VAC, 1 Pole, Standard Off/Soft On Mode, Ivory

Dimmer Switch
71897 MFG #: TGI06-1LI
26.44000 / ea
Leviton offers many products that will help lower electrical costs and add convenience to everyday living. By simply replacing standard switches with dimmers reduces energy consumption and extends bulb life. IllumaTech Preset Dimmers and Fan Speed Controls feature a low profile fluid slide bar movement for fine adjustment of light levels or fan speeds that's accompanied by an easy-to-use ON-OFF preset switch. The switch provides quick ON-OFF control without disturbing your favorite pre-selected settings. Most feature a built-in LED locator light, as well. Models are available for incandescent, magnetic or electronic low voltage, and Mark 10® Powerline dimming ballast fluorescent lighting, and quiet and standard fan speed control. All Preset models are designed for both single-pole (one location) and 3-way (multi-location) applications.
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Commercial Applications
Universally designed for smooth ON/OFF toggle action and fingertip control touch dimming that's easy to operate
Provides preset dimming with soft ON feature (does not provide fade OFF)
Protected memory during temporary power failures ensures that ToggleTouch™ will retain last setting before power interruption
Provides 1-pole and multi-location lighting control when used with a 3-way switch
Built-in radio/TV interference filter
Fits perfectly with Leviton® standard toggle wallplates, gangs perfectly with all Leviton® toggle switches
Use with Leviton DPSPE-112 Power Extender to extend load capacity to 2000W (2000VA) for incandescent, magnetic low voltage and Advance Mark X™ fluorescent dimming ballasts
Use with Leviton DPSPE-212 Power Extender to extend load capacity to 2000VA for Advance Mark VII™ and Motorola Helios™ fluorescent ballasts
Fits perfectly with Leviton standard toggle wall plates gangs perfectly with all Leviton toggle switches
Line voltage regulation
RFI noise suppression
Two wire device plus ground wire for single pole models; and three wire device plus ground for 3-way models
The LED will be lighted when the load of
20 to 90% (relative humidity non-condensing), -10 to 85 deg C (non operating) environmental conditions
5 Years Limited Warranty, Made in China